Istituto Statale Marco Belli
Piazza Marconi, 10
30026 Portogruaro Venezia
Tel. 0421/73102 Fax: 0421/280814
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Marco Belli Institute is an autonomous State High School which distinguishes itself by aiming at maximizing students' high school experience while completing their education. The school is divided into two streams: Modern Languages and Social Science. To this purpose, the syllabus of both courses is organized to facilitate the passage from high school to tertiary education.

The main objective during the first two years ("biennio") is to stimulate the students' interest in school and to help them develop the ability to analize the cultural themes which form the foundation of our society, with an intercultural approach towards peaceful co-existence.

The three years which follows ("triennio") highlight the quality of learning and the topics dealt with. This aims at developing students' awareness and competence to prepare them for the outer world and to enable them to employ the acquired skills at university level.

Marco Belli Institute provides many facilities. Among the others:

  • Two computer labs. with LAN connection and up-to-date software;
  • Science labs. (Physics, Biology, and Geology);
  • Satellite TV installation;
  • Data Broadcasting installation;
  • Language labs. with listening/recording installations;
  • A library containing more than 7,000 books.

Extra Curricular activities

  • Theatre
  • Gospel Choir
  • Conferences
  • Cineforum
  • Foreign language courses
  • Computer and internet courses
  • Health education courses
  • Students' counseling
  • Orientation activities
  • Music courses

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