A little trip around Portogruaro (1)

On the 16th of February we visited - with the help of two boys that came to help us – the town of Portogruaro. First of all Prof. Milena Lorenzon and Stefano Azzariti , the student who guided us explaining  in English all he knew about the town , went to welcome the new arrived: they were  a group of eight people, two German , two Spanish and four English teachers  that  were waiting for us. After that we went to our school to meet  the headmaster that was very happy for the important people we were with, but he couldn’t speak English and so he spoke French. 

After the conversation we went to the II AL to take the other German guide  for the  two German teachers. When we went out of the school they said that in Italy we have very clean schools and then we took a photo.
The monument we saw at first was  Saint Gottardo's Gate: this gate was probably built around the middle of the XII century, and called the ‘door that drives to Portovecchio’, it had been restored from  1252 until 1256. After 1281 it was named Door of Saint Francesco, from the homonymous church. 

The name of saint Gottardo recalls the actual church that was demolished in order to  utilize the materials in the building of  saint Andrea's cathedral. The actual church of S. Gottardo, adjoins  the ancient part  that was built in 1933.