Thicory has depurative and diuretic, tone-up and laxative properties. It helps digestion, the liver function and stimulates the biliary secretion. Its caloric content is very low. Itís rich in vitamin A and B2. In fact the nutritional values per 100 g are:
-†††††††† Iron 0,95 mg
-†††††††† Calcium 65,61 mg
-†††††††† Phosphorous 27,91 mg
-†††††††† Vitamin A2870
-†††††††† Vitamin B272 mg
-†††††††† Vitamin C13 mg
-†††††††† Calories 26,62 Cal

The good young red chicory of Treviso should have the following characteristics:

Features: a bulky, long and well closed-tuft, with a modest quantity of roots. Flat leaves which flaps over each other.

Colour: leaves are characterised by a main white veining that branches out in tiny veining quite developed

Taste: leaves with slightly bitter taste and crispy texture

Size: (of tufts) lowest weight: 150 g.; length of the tuft (without the root) 18-25 cm

Production area:

-†††††††† province of Venice
-†††††††† province of Padova
-†††††††† province of Treviso